Spiritual Growth Classes

Develop Your Spiritual Skills And Abilities!

Now is the time to learn to use your sensitivities, gifts of intuition, empathy and healing in this time of global energetic transformation and awakening. You are needed in this world! It’s time to shine your light and I’m excited to teach you how!

COMING SOON: 6-Week Spiritual Growth Classes

  • Spiritual Growth & Transformation
  • Tame Your Monkey Mind (Mindfulness, Meditation & Breathing Techniques)
  • Mediumship Development: Level 1
  • Mediumship Development: Level 2 (prerequisite Mediumship Development Level 1)

All classes are 2 hours per week
Cost: $240

COMING SOON: 1-Day Workshops

  • Become A Spiritual Energy Healer
  • Surviving & Thriving As An Empath
  • Chakra Balancing For Yourself & Others
  • Animal Communication (prerequisite Mediumship Development Level 1)

All workshops are 5 hours
Cost: $100

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