Spiritual Mentorship

It’s your time to shine!

I am so excited you are here and are ready to take the journey to transform your life in order to find clarity, direction, passion and purpose, and that you are ready to become your best self so you can live your best life!

Now is the time to learn to use your gifts of intuition, empathy and healing in this time of global energetic transformation and awakening. You are needed in this world! It’s time to shine your light!

Regardless of your religion, faith, or spiritual beliefs, ​​you can learn to awaken to your true spiritual nature, be tuned in to your intuition, inner wisdom and spiritual guidance, co-create your life with God (or Spirit) and become more passionate and confident in your life, its direction and purpose.

Are you ready to learn to…

  • Distinguish between your head and your “gut”, making it easier to make decisions with confidence.
  • Trust your inner voice, or gut feeling, so you no longer end up saying things like: “I had a feeling…”; or “I knew it…”; or ​“I should have listened to myself…”?
  • Find clarity, direction, passion and/or purpose in your life.
  • Keep up with the pace of life and find balance?.
  • Be present, mindful and in the moment.
  • Make a connection to your source and follow your Spiritual path.

…then I can help you!

Believe it or not, you can transform your life and learn how to become your best self so you can live your best life with clarity, confidence, joy, a sense of direction, passion and purpose, and I am excited to teach you how.

I have gone through the same struggles in my life and have made, and continue to make, the transformations necessary to become my best self and live my best life and I can teach you to do the same!

When we take the spiritual journey together you will

  • Learn how to tap into your intuition, inner wisdom and spiritual guidance – and trust it;
  • Calm your mind, relieve your stress, anxiety and worry, and find clarity of thought;
  • Become more present, mindful and in the moment;
  • Find balance, direction, passion and purpose in life;​
  • Connect with the God of your understanding, Spirit, Source, the Universe (whatever you prefer to call it) in order to co-create your life in accordance with your Divine plan;
  • Have a joyful, peaceful and more fulfilling life and, of course, become your best self so you can ​live your best life;

Unlocking Access to Your Intuition and Spiritual Guidance

​As a sensitive soul, empath and intuitive, life can be overwhelming. It’s time to learn how to use your sensitivities and gifts to benefit yourself and others.

You and I will take a 7-week journey of Spiritual growth and transformation together where you will learn to tap into your intuition, inner wisdom, and spiritual guidance.

Each week you will have time to share your thoughts, ask questions, receive spiritual advice and guidance, practical tips and techniques, and participate in meditations and exercises created to assist with your journey of connection, awakening, transformation and spiritual growth.

7 Modules Delivered Over 7 Weeks

1. You ARE an Intuitive – and you didn’t know it!
This ability is not just for people born with a “gift”, you can unlock and access this ability in order to create the life you are meant to have.

2. Discover the difference between your Intuition and Spiritual Guidance
Understand and use these abilities to find balance, direction, passion and purpose in your life.

3. Trust that gut
Learn to “trust your gut” and get out of your head so that your life will start to flow and your path will become clearer to you – with ease.

4. Tame your monkey mind
Become able to relieve your stress, anxiety and worry, and find clarity of thought so you can be calmer, more present, mindful and in the moment.

5. Thriving as a sensitive soul/empath in today’s world
Learn to find that place of peace in a world of chaos so you are not bothered by negative, or toxic energies or people.

6. Unlocking access to communication
This is the most exciting part of your journey! Connection and communication with your Intuition and Spiritual Guidance is the key for you to Become Your Best Self so you can Live Your Best Life!

7. Time to live your best life
Using your Intuition and Spiritual Guidance, you will now be able to co-create your life in accordance with your Divine Plan so you can advance on your path of personal and spiritual growth.

Resources: In addition to 1:1 personal coaching time with me, you will be provided with instructional video clips, meditation audio clips and PDF handouts. You will also receive ongoing email and text support while we are on the journey together.

Let’s take the journey together!

Please note: spiritual mentorship, guidance and coaching sessions are not meant to, nor do they, replace professional medical or mental health advice, care and treatment. Please continue to consult your doctor, therapist, or other qualified mental health professional for any concerns, or treatment. If you are in Canada and have a mental health emergency you can call the Mental Health & Addictions Crisis Line 24/7, toll-free at 1-888-737-4668.