Meet Rev. Karen

Your Mentor & Guide on the Spiritual Journey

Rev. Karen & her pet therapy dog, Lexi

Rev. Karen Harkness
Spiritual Mentor, Guide & Coach

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Energy Healer

Spiritual Psychic Medium

Spiritual Care Support Provider

Hospice Palliative Care Provider

Since she was a toddler, Rev. Karen has been aware of God ​and Spirit, seeing, hearing and feeling them. She “just knew” things, had dreams that came true and had very strong intuition.

She thought everyone was like her and that this connection to Spirit was “normal”. As she got older she came to understand that not everyone experienced life this way and because she was often made to feel “weird” and “different”, she tried to ignore her connection to Spirit and live a “normal” life.

Though she managed to shut down her connection to Spirit during her late teens and most of her 20’s, late in 1988 Rev. Karen would be called to reconnect once again. During a deeply emotional breakdown her grandmother, who died 14 years earlier, appeared to her and told her that God had a plan for her.

This event was life-changing and caused her to embark on a spiritual journey where she began in-depth studies of metaphysics, the paranormal, spiritual mediumship, energy healing, physical healing modalities, traditional religions, Yogic & Eastern philosophies, Buddhism and modern Spiritualism. All of this helped to deepen her relationship with God, the world of Spirit and her ever-evolving spirituality.

After being diagnosed with a brain tumour and going through brain surgery in 2013, Rev. Karen was called by her inner guidance and Spirit to leave corporate life and look for a new direction and purpose. While she healed and recovered, she spent her time being of service at a Spiritualist church where she was a member. This is where she was when in 2017 she was called by God to be ordained as a Minister.

Two and a half years later in 2019, Rev. Karen had a brush with another serious health issue and needed surgery. During the six weeks she was recovering, she spent time in reflection, meditation and prayer.

​Again she was called to look for a new direction and purpose in her life being of greater service to others. After seven and a half years of serving the church Spirit asked her to retire and move on to the next phase of her spiritual journey and life.

She was encouraged to review her life for clues as to her direction and purpose. She saw that it was filled with people coming to her with their life stories and troubles, looking for guidance and answers. She was always there to listen while providing advice and guidance, most often given to her by Spirit. ​

Not only that, Rev. Karen realized that in the times when she had allowed herself to be guided by her intuition and Spirit life flowed easily and good things happened for her. Now, she lives her best life every day with clarity, confidence, joy and a sense of direction, passion and purpose.

With these realizations her inner guidance and Spirit then led her to know what she needed to do next — teach people to become connected to their intuition and spiritual guidance so they could awaken to their true spiritual nature, co-create their life with God/Spirit/the Universe and become passionate and more confident in their life and its direction and purpose — to become their best selves so they can live their best lives!

While working on this new life path Rev. Karen was guided to become certified in a variety of coaching modalities to be of service to more people. She is now working on her B.A. in Metaphysical Sciences.

She looks forward to where God continues to lead her in her journey of service to others.

Community Involvement

Rev. Karen has always been actively involved in her community, volunteering her time and energy to different causes she feels passionate about.

She strongly believes in the importance of freely giving of one’s time and talents in order to be of service to others. 

Rev. Karen currently volunteers with: 

Zachary’s Paws For Healing with her pet therapy dog Lexi providing pet visits primarily at St. Joseph’s Mental Health & Addictions Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario.

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Charlton Campus as a Spiritual Care Support Volunteer providing visits to patients under the guidance of ​the Spiritual Care Team.

Helping Hamilton Homeless during their Kindness Walks helping to deliver food, clothing, etc., for people and pets.

Home Hospice Association as a Compassionate Care Provider in their Hamilton/Halton Chapter.

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