The Gift of Sharing

In sharing our problems with others not only do we benefit, but we give the person who is there for us a real gift. The gift of being of service, the opportunity to give back for all the times we were there for them. We are good at giving the gift of support when it comes to others, but when we allow another person to support us, there is where we allow them to be a gift to us.

Also, when we share our problems, just talking out loud helps us to see the situation differently. Ruminating over our problems in our minds doesn’t help us to find solutions, but once said out loud it is amazing how the answers find their way to us.

Being able to change our perspective as to what is happening to us helps us to see things in a new way is important to finding perspective and meaning. That is a gift we give ourselves.

Buddhism teaches that there are no bad experiences in life, only opportunities to learn and grow. It is about perspective. Sometimes it takes time and space to see what the situation is trying to show us, but therein lies the gift.

Published by revautumn

I'm a Spiritual Minister who is passionate about helping people along their path of spiritual growth in order to make the transformations necessary to become their best self so they can live their best life.

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